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Manometric (static, volumetric) analyzer for gas and vapor physisorption measurements. Typical vapors include water, alcohols, and aromatics. The vapor generator is housed within the manifold chamber… heated and thermostatically controlled up to 50°C. A solenoid valve opens the pump ballast for all-important venting of condensible vapors. The vapor option is available on all models of the Autosorb-iQ, 1-3 station versions.

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  • Up to 3 measurement stations, independent sets of 1000, 10, 1 and 0,1 Torr pressure transducers.
  • Turbopump and low pressure transducers enables experiments starting at very low pressures.
  • Up to 4 PC-operated sample preparation stations
  • 6, optional 12 gas ports for optional gas adsorption
  • Chemisorption optional for catalyst characterization, add chemisorption furnace and controller (up to 1.100°C).
  • TCD-Option (for temperature programmed experiments, with or withour injector for puls titration).
  • Calorimeter option for Heats of Adsorption measurments.
  • Cryocooler Option for cryogenic free experiments in the range from 20 K to ambient temperature.


  • temperatures in the range 82-100 K
  • essentially constant temperature (down to ±0.005 K)
  • for as long as needed for extended high resolution analyses (over 50 hours without optional refill)

siehe: CryoSync

Measurement Principle: Vapor Sorption

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